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Hi Monsoon Sale is on DINESH GASES provide best sale of the year, on purchase of High Purity Grade gas cylinders gas refill is absolutely free with valve safety cap and on purchase of Fire Fighting Equipments, extended warranty of 1 year is free, total 02 year warranty providing to you. DINESH GASES a manufacturer of High Purity Special Grade Gases and Fire Safety Equipments. Our best selling product are Helium High Pure Gas Argon High Pure Gas Nitrogen High Pure Gas Zero Air High Pure Gas Hydrogen High Pure Gas Ammonia Ultra High Pure Gas Oxygen medical, Industrial and special grade gas D. ACETYLENE DA Blue Flame Ultra High Pure Grade gas. And Empty High Pressure Industrial gas cylinders Regulators Branded in Double Stage and Single Stage Thanks Contact for any type of quiry Lokesh Jaswani 9928911231
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A new AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Make THERMO SCIENTIFIC intalled in Jaipur and complete commissining and fitting done by DINESH GASES in the super vision of Tech Eng and Supervisor Lokesh Jaswani in record time of 1 Day woth complete Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide and Argon gas set up including control setup in laboratory with c mount cylinder Brackets and SS hood blower and pipe line with exhaust system inclusing all fixtures and fittings. This instrument used to analyst heavy metal with the help of hollow cathode lamp. Heavy metals like copper, manganese, Iron and other in liquid base samples for AAS run with the help of D Acetylene gas and air as a fuel and Argon in graphite furnace as inert gas in very low pressure
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NITROGEN GAS - 78 % of our atmosphere Gases Nitrogen is an inert gas and chemical element that has the symbol n, the atomic number of 7 and an atomic mass 14. 00674 u. Nitrogen is very useful and colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is non flammable and will not support combustion. Atmospheric air contains 78. 09% nitrogen, the gas is slightly lighter than air and slightly soluble in water. Nitrogen condenses at its boiling point, -195°c to a colorless and odorless liquid that is lighter than water. When liquid nitrogen is vaporized and than heated to ambient temperature, it absorbs a large quantity of heat. Nitrogen is separated from air, by distillation, absorption of diffusion. Nitrogen comes in 6 different Grades, 98.0 % to 99.9999 % and also in Liquid form too. Application of nitrogen gases: • Raw material • Shrink pitting • Inert gas • De - flashing • Inert gas safety system • Cryogenic grinding • Protection against fire & explosion • Human & veterinary medicine • Metallurgical industry • Ground freezing Nitrogen is an industrial gas produced by fractional distillation of liquid air or by mechanical means using gaseous air. It is used in serving as an inert replacement for air where oxidation is undesirable. It is useful in manufacturing of stainless steel. It is also used on top of liquid explosives as a safety measure. Nitrogen is used as shielding gas during plasma cutting with argon / hydrogen as plasma gas. When Nitrogen is dried & pressurized, it can be used as a dielectric gas for high voltage equipment.
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Dinesh Gases a well known company in the market of Industrial and Medical gases and also in the field of Fire Safety Equipments. The company established in year 2001 with the aim of procure best services to reliable customers and end users. In this 19 years, company made lots of product list includes all type of Industrial and Medical Gases like Nitrogen Oxygen nitrous oxide hydrogen zero Air ammonia and special grades like Helium Instrumental nitrogen Argan SO2 and many more gases which is required and in the field of Fire Safety, we are one of the best service provider in Jaipur Rajasthan we are not only the good service provider and the seller but we want to aware everyone how we can extinguish a fire in its limit. we also have complete range of fire safety equipments and extinguishers like multipurpose ABC type fire extinguisher CO2 type Fire extinguisher in carbon steel and Aluminium both DCP type dry powder chemical fire extinguisher mechanical foam type fire extinguisher stored pressure Fireball fire hydrant system complete range with well known band or Max and suffix and all segments coming on this field so please contact us for any further enquiry for any training if you require for fire safety purpose for your home and for commercial uses
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DINESH GASES - A Division of Industrial, Medical Special and Instrumental Grade Gases with their complete range of Cylinders and Regulators and all accessories Our Services: (Supplier and Manufacturer of ) Medical Oxygen (Medical O2) Industrial Oxygen (Commercial O2) Carbon Di Oxide (All High Pure and Food Grade and Commercial Grade) Nitrous Oxide (N2O - I P Grade and Instrumental Grade) Hydrogen Gas (H2 High Pure and Commercial Grade) Nitrogen Gas (All 06 Grades with Quality Certificates) Dissolve Acetylene (C2H2 Gas - High Pure AAS Grade Gas - Bulk Supplier) Ammonia Gas (Anhydrous and High Pure Grade) And many more Gases with Brand New Seamless High Pressure and Low Pressure Cylinders and Accessories We procure all arrangement and Engineers for New Gas Equipment Pipeline and Fitting for sophisticated Instruments customization as per need with all Gas related requirement with best quality work. We connected and chain partner with manufacturer of Scientific Instrument Labs like Lab Furniture and many more, detail will be share in you in next blog Thanks