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Best Supplier of ABC type Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Safety Protection Equipment We DINESH GASES provides our customer Durable Fire Protection Supplies for all your Fire Fighting needs, We are highly experienced and qualified service provider of Fire Fighting Protection Equipment for Industries, Property Developers and Owners. With decades of successful trading of Fire Safety Equipment, Our quality product is the mater key for maintaining relationship and trust which we make with our customers since 2001. And our team utilize time to focus on quality and commitments to competitive pricing; we are only supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan who meets your all Fire Protection requirement according to your business like ABC Type Fire Fighting Extinguishers, Carbon Di Oxide Co2 type Fire Fighting Extinguishers, Clean Agent Type Fire Extinguisher. Our diverse range of Fire Safety Items includes Fire Fighting Hoses, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Extinguishers Cabinets, Different Valves, Branch Pipes, Nozzles, Fire Suppression System, Drum Hose Reel, Fire Extinguishers (ISI Mark and imported Aluminium Type ), Fire Brigade Valve, Self Containing Breathing Apparatus, Safety Goggles, Foam Nozzles, Water cum Foam Monitor, Fire Extinguishers Refilling in very cheapest prices. Take care your industry or business with us Thanking You Regards Lokesh Jaswani 9928911231 For DINESH GASES, JAIPUR A Division of High Pure Grade Gases and Fire Fighting Products
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Helium Gas Supplier and Helium Gas Manufacturer We are here in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan supply different purity grades and concentrations to fulfill the specific requirement of diverse industries. We have our own Laboratory equipment to check the purity of the Gas and as well as Impurity level of different impure gases present in Helium. Helium Gas used in huge application in Welding Process as Shielding Gas. Helium is used as carrier Gas in various analytical Instruments and related applications. Use of Helium in Indian Industry: As Shielding Gas in welding process specially in Copper and Aluminum As Leak Detector Gas for pressure vessel which requires highly leak proof Use in Balloons in different parties and other similar segments, known Helium Balloon, Weather Balloons, Breathing by Swimming Divers, Liquid Helium used to create world's super coolest inert temperature up to -269 Celsius called cryogenic, Super conductor. Gas chromatography and Mass spectrography are common Analytical Instruments run on Helium High Pure Grade Gas And many more other application and other ways to use Helium Gas in a particular Industry.
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WE ARE TRYING TO SELL OUR ITEM IN BEST AND MINIMUM PRICES IN LOCAL INDIAN MARKET As per customer reviews , we trying to justify our services and supply to all our consumers because they are with us from last 18 years. we are having more than 300 clients who attached with us from last 15 years and satisfied in all segments which we supplies to them and they recommend us to any newcomers and their relatives or channel partners our company name for any purchase. they commonly said to people that in Jaipur Rajasthan DINESH GASES is Medical Oxygen Supplier High Pure Nitrogen Gas Supplier Helium High Pure Grade supplier Argon Spectro Grade Supplier and many more gases and also Supplier of Fire Fighting and Fire Safety Equipments
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GODS BEST CREATION ON EARTH IS OXYGEN Human and all living beings use Oxygen to breath from the very first day of this ultimate world. Oxygen is a gas produce and redevelop by the help of second best creation called Trees In atmosphere we have different types of Gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Co2, Argon, Heliurm and many more around us but they all are colorless, odorless and tasteless and invisible in nature but they all are having many qualities to improve earth environment cycle time to time. Nitrogen having maximum part in atmosphere - 78 % approx and Nitrogen as a Gas used in many segments and we manufacture or supplies all grades of Nitrogen like Nitrogen IOLAR Grade use in Laboratory for analytical instruments, Ultra High Pure Grade Nitrogen Gas, industrial grade Nitrogen gas and many more grades used in commercial world Oxygen is in second number in percentage - 21 % Approx and it is used as Medical Oxygen in Hospitals and Home for asthmatic and lung disease patients, Oxygen High Pure and IOLAR grade gas also used in Instruments to test, commercial oxygen used in Glass Blowing segments, cutting welding with D Acetylene gas OXY Acetylene Mixture and many more stages. Next blog is for other balance gases coming soon
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While providing medical and industrial gas services, quality is an important critenon to maintain quality profuction of our customers. We are commited to maintain excellence in all our services , ensuring customers satisfaction. For you, we will continue to work with the passion on our mission to contribute significantly in health care of the society by providing efficient, timely and affordable consumer care services. We deals in: All grades Industrial and medical gases, Gas cylinders, regulators and their accessories Thanks