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DINESH GASES is the uniquely stands as a fastest growing Supplier and Manufacturer of Research Grade Gases, Ultra High Pure Grade Gases, Special Gases and Special Gas Mixtures. Our Aim is to provide complete solution and Technical Support to our customers for Product knowledge, Product availability, and most important make easier to use with the supply of High Pressure High Quality Regulators. We are committed with our customers to provide services at the time they required on immediate effect. We are working with International standards with National Heart. We provides complete flexibility to our customers in the matter of Price and Quality. Our main Product ranges includes: Helium High Pure IOLAR Grade Gas, Nitrogen High Pure IOLAR Grade Gas, Hydrogen High Pure IOLAR Grade Gas, Zero- Air Ultra High Pure Grade Gases, Methane Ultra High Pure Instrumental Grade Gases, D. Acetylene Ultra High Pure Grade Gases ( Blue Flame for AAS), Argon Ultra High Pure SPECTRO Grade Gases, CO2 High Pure Grade Gases, Liquid Nitrogen Food Grade and Non Food Grade for Semen Storage, and Many more Special Gases & Special Mixture Gases with all accessories like High Pressure Steel Cylinder and High Pressure Aluminium Cylinder in all capacity and Gas Regulators ( Double Stage & Single Stage)
Today i am sharing few keywords, which explain smoothly what type of product we are dealing in: Helium Instrumental Ultra High Pure Grade Gas with Seamless Cylinder supplier in Jaipur, Rajasthan Helium Balloon Gas commercial Grade Gas with Helium Regulator supplier in Jaipur, Rajasthan Nitrogen Ultra High Pure IOLAR Instrumental Grade Gas with Seamless High Pressure Cylinders supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan Nitrogen Commercial Grade Gas, Nitrogen Food Grade Gas supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan Oxygen Commercial Grade Gas, Medical Oxygen Grade Gas, Oxygen High Pure Grade Gas supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan Argon Ultra High Pure Instrumental Spectro Grade Gas supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan Argon Commercial welding Gas supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan Carbon Di Oxide Ultra High Pure, Carbon Di Oxide Medical Grade, Carbon Di Oxide Commercial Grade Gas supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan D Acetylene Instrumental Grade Gas, D Acetylene Industrial Grade Gas Supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan High Pressure seamless Empty Cylinders in Carbon Steel High Pressure seamless Empty Cylinders in Aluminum Body Portable Oxygen Cylinders supplier and Authorized Distributor in Jaipur Rajasthan Calibration Gases and Mixtures of Gases supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan We are Supplier, Authorized Distributor and Manufacturer of Industrial Gases, Medical Gases and High Pure Grade Gases and Special Grade Customized Gases according to Customers Thanking You Please visit our website for more information and Rates Lokesh Jaswani Contact no. 9928911231 For DINESH GASES
Helium Ultra High Pure Grade Gas: Helium is a unique Gas available in atmosphere, it is used in many Industrial segments like Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Analytical laboratories, Event Organizers and many more Helium is produce in gulf countries and import our country through commercial ships. Helium's first form is Liquid Helium with the Purity of 99.9999 % Pure is used mainly in MRI Machines and NMR Machines. After Bottling it converts in Gaseous Form with different Purity levels as per demand, we are here explain you few different purity and grades: Grade 6.0 N, this level of Grade have purity of 99.9999 % pure Helium Gas normally known as IOLAR Instrumental Grade Gas, Grade 5.8 N, this level of Grade have Purity of 99.9998 % pure Helium Gas normally known as Ultra High Pure Grade Gas, Grade 5.5 N, this level of Grade have purity of 99.9995 % pure Helium Gas normally known as High Pure Helium Gas, And Last one, Grade 5.0 N, this level of Grade have purity of 99.999 % pure Helium Gas normally known as Commercial Grade Helium Gas. Helium Gas is High Pressure Gas which is available in High Pressure Seamless Cylinders, capacity - 7 M3 / Cyl, and with different sizes and capacity. Helium is very light gas of atmosphere used in Party Balloons, Non Flammable Gas easy to operate with High Quality Regulators available in Double Stage with Double Gauge complete in SS Body and Double Stage with Double Gauge in Brass Body, Output Connector customized as per demand of consumers. We are the only dealer in Rajasthan, Jaipur, who procure actual Purity Grade with large quantity with delivery also. .
DINESH GASES, a supplier of High Purity Special Grade Gases and Fire Safety Equipments. Our best selling product are Helium High Pure Gas Argon High Pure Gas Nitrogen High Pure Gas Zero Air High Pure Gas Hydrogen High Pure Gas Ammonia Ultra High Pure Gas Oxygen medical, Industrial and special grade gas D. ACETYLENE DA Blue Flame Ultra High Pure Grade gas. And Empty High Pressure Industrial gas cylinders Regulators Branded in Double Stage and Single Stage Thanks Contact for any type of quiry Lokesh Jaswani 9928911231
In India, The Gases and Gas technology used in laboratory to research and development as per manufacturing demands. Gases used in Testing , Analysis in Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Measurement. Ultra Pure Grade Gases comes in various purity level from Industrial / Technical Grade to Special High Pure / Laboratory Research Grade. It is available from 4.6 Grade (99.996 % Pure) to 6.0 Grade (99.9999% Pure). Higher Grades Gases used in MNC's Analytical Instruments to reduce problems and for actual accuracy and for life of instruments. High Pure Grade Gases helps to keep instruments at Optimum level, Instrumental Grade Gases i.e. Helium, Argon, Hydrogen. Nitrogen, Zero- Air, Co2 and many more gases used in Gas and Liquid Chromatography and Spectrometer as a lead Gases. High Pure Grade Gases and Gas Mixtures are also used in Instrument Span Calibration We provide Pure grade gases on the basis of consumer actual demand with the Certificate of Assurance or with a certificate to validate the cylinder contents Calibration Gas Mixtures always require a certificate of analysis so that the reported value can be used by the consumer to calibrate their Highly Sophisticated Instruments.
Being a customer focused organisation today we are talking about Helium Gas, It is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, tasteless, non Toxic, Inert gas which is the second Lightest gas after Hydrogen in the atmosphere. Helium Gas is used in different criteria i.e Liquid Helium used in Cryogenic - Particular in the cooling of superconductive magnets with the main commercial application in MRI and NMR Spectrometer. Helium gas other uses - as a pressurizing and purge gas, Main use of Helium gas in India is in Sophisticated Analytical Instruments like GCMS and many more and lifting gas in balloons and airships. Medical Uses - Helium also used in treatment like breathing observation, asthma, and other condition that affect breathing and it is also useful to treat that disease that affect lungs In medical sector: Helium use in different forms and combinations in medical instrumentation and nuclear medicine It is used to development of Titanium, Zirconium, germanium and Silicon It is used in Indian Chemical Industries, Cryogenics, Cutting & Welding Application, Environmental Protection, Food Processing and many more On other interesting side: Inhaling of Helium gas small quantity temporarily change the quality of Human voice It is supply in form of gas and liquid both in different grades: Helium IOLAR Grade, Helium Instrumental Grade, Helium Ultra High Pure Grade, Helium Commercial Grade, Helium Cryogenic Grade with Purity of 99.0 Pure to 99.9999% Please contact if you or your know person require the same DINESH GASES - 9928911231
Today we talk about Argon Gas We manufacture, bottling and customize mixture of Argon, Pure Argon Gas, Argon Instrumental Gas, Argon Gas For Welding Purpose, Argon Gas for Spectrometer. And Many variety of Purities and concentrations We provide Argon Gas In High Pressure Seamless Cylinders of Different Sizes and Capacities Argon Gas is Non Toxic and 38 % denser than Air, it is Colorless, Odorless and Tasteless Argon Gas Uses: Argon is a Inert gas, so it is use as Shielding gas in welding Argon Gas use in Spectrometer Instrument to trace actual composition of Element in Material Argon gas use in graphite Electric Furnaces Argon gas is use in poultry Industry to Asphyxiate birds Argon gas use in Arc Welding normally known as Mig Welding such as Metal Arc Welding Argon gas also use in growing castle in silicon Argon use as carrier gas in Gas Chromatography Argon use to create Plasma in ICPMS spectroscopy Argon Laser use in Surgery to weld arteries, Tumors and Eyes defect
Nitrogen is a most common gas in the atmosphere with 78.09 % and it is also known as anti oxygen gas. Features of Nitrogen gas: Odorless, colorless, Inert Gas, Non Toxic Gas, Non Flammable, Non Reactive gas in high temperature, and does not react with oxygen at low temperature Nitrogen gas slightly lighter than Air, it play main role to produce Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide with Oxygen, Ammonia with Hydrogen, Nitrogen sulfide with sulfur, Nitrogen condenses at its boiling point - 195.6 C to a colorless liquid that is lighter than water. Nitrogen gas is used in many Industrial commercial segments just because of vast availability. It is used in different industries with different grades Nitrogen IOLAR Instrumental Grade used in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries for R & D, Nitrogen Ultra High Pure Grade in petroleum Processing Industries, Nitrogen High Pure in Glass and ceramic Industries, Steel making and other metal refining and fabrication industries, Commercial Nitrogen is used in flush pipe line in Industrial and Air conditions servicing, Nitrogen also used in packaging food products to maintain food life, Liquid Nitrogen used in NMR Instrument, MRI Machines, Animal Husbandry, Institutes and Colleges to store sample in freezing temperature and it is valued for coldness and inertness and it is also used in making live ice cream. It is used to shield reactive material from contact with oxygen and other gases. And we DINESH GASES are the only supplier in Jaipur, Rajasthan who procure all grades of Nitrogen Gas direct to the customer or consumer with best prices with all necessary certificates We are Genuine Supplier of Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Co2, Oxygen, Ammonia, D. Acetylene, Methane, P-10, Empty High Pressure Cylinders for All Gases in Jaipur, Rajasthan Thank You
Hi i am Lokesh from Dinesh gases Jaipur Our leading products are Speciality Gases, Hipurity Gases, Mixed gases, Ultra Pure gases , laser gases, Medical and calibration gases also. Industrial gases contains: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon monoxide , Dissolved Acetylene and many more gases Medical gases contains nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, medical oxygen gases. Speciality Gases contains Instrumental grade Helium, Nitrogen Hydrogen Zero Air , Argan and many more like that grades. We are also deals in fire fighting extinguishers, ABC type multipurpose fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, emergencies Signages. our company is the leading supplier and wholesaler of all types of gases and their accessories like high pressure empty cylinders, valves, safety caps and facility of hydraulic testing we are the only government recognised company who supply all types of gases and fire safety equipments in one roof Thanking you