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Thanks to all of our viewer who appreciate our written business related blogs and for safety awareness. As we all know we don't survive single second without Oxygen which is a basic and most important need of all human and living beings. In Air their is 21 % Oxygen available and 78 % Nitrogen Balance 1 % other gases in parts. And this is good lucky that we are here in this business from last 17 years for all of our consumers. Oxygen is a Gas which is also used in many different commercial purpose like cutting, brazing, welding, and making many chemical with the help of Oxygen Reaction. We deals in all grades of Oxygen Gas - Liquid Oxygen and In Gas Form High Pressure with Cylinder (Steel Cylinder and Aluminium Cylinder) with imported High Quality Medical and Industrial Regulators (Single Stage and Double Stage) body - Brass Body and SS Body as per demand. We also make mixture gas Co2 with Oxygen in any ratio for Medical purpose. It is used in many more segments but it produce only by the help of Trees, So we appeal to all of our viewers and all great persons, please grow more trees so that we give our children a better future and make them proud. Thanks Lokesh Jaswani For DINESH GASES Specialists in All Industrial Grade gases like Helium, Hydrogen, Argon, Nitrogen Oxygen, D. Acetylene, Co2, Methane, Ammonia, Zero Air, and Many more High Pressure Gases with Seamless High Pressure Cylinders in Aluminium and Steel Both (Brand New) and also in Regulators (Double Stage and Single Stage in All Class and for all Gases)
Dear All, Today we talk about Fire Safety Fire safety information saves lives, whether it is in your home, commercial working places, colleges or any other place around you and your family. Most common reason of Fire is Electricity, after that many types of human lapse i.e Smoking in non Smoking zone, Loose packing of Petroleum Products, Over Heating of Machines and many more. And according to Fire, people invent Fire Extinguishers to save their lives and property. Here we present few detail of Types of fire and the extinguishers invented for the same: Normally Fire divided in 4 major segments- ABC & E category 'A' category is used for Solid particles who catch fire like wood, cloths, Papers, textile, plastics and correlated items, and we use Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers or plain Water Co2 type Fire Extinguishers for this segments 'B' category of Fire is used for Liquid Particles who catch Fire like All segments of petroleum Products, Cooking Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Paints, Thinner, and all related items, and in that segment we use Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers and ABC Multipurpose Mono Ammonium Phosphate Type Fire Fighting Extinguishers 'C' category of fire is used for Gaseous Particles who catch fire like LPG, Hydrogen. Acetylene Methane, and many more Explosive Gases, In that segment we use ABC Multipurpose type Fire Fighting Extinguishers or Carbon Di Oxide Co2 type Fire Fighting Extinguishers for immediate effect 'E' category of fire is used for Electrical Short Circuit Or Electrical started Fires and in that segment we use Co2 Type Fire Fighting Extinguishers in all capacity and sizes Thanks
DINESH GASES, a company privately owned a very high tech organisation that has been establish vast experience in Gas Analysis, Gas Supply for many years, We Offer the complete Gas Solution for commercial uses in our country's Industrial development. We are specializes in creating all types of Gas Mixtures as per customer requirement anywhere in India. Our company offers wide range of Compressed and Liquefied Gases i.e. Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, Argon, Zero-Air, Ammonia, D.Acetylene, Methane, Oxygen and many more in all Special, Instrumental Grade and Industrial Commercial Grade as per customers. Our company concept is to provide product in Best Quality, Lower Rates with committed service Please write if you have any quiry about Fire Extinguishers, Special Industrial Gases and any other related products Thanks
NEWS ON FIRE: Yesterday on 19th Feb 2017, In Mumbai Fire burst in Plastic factory situated at Bhiwandi, In which Four people Dead and get injured. That's why we aware you all that make sure your installed Fire Extinguishers are in working condition or not, because No one knows what might happen to whom. We are here in Rajasthan gives you Best Services in all segments of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Equipments. We are DINESH GASES specialists in Refilling of Fire Extinguishers of all capacity and We also supply each and every Accessories related with Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety Equipments Thanks Lokesh Jaswani 99289-11231
LOKESH JASWANI 99289-11231 COMPANY: DINESH GASES PLOT NO. S-31, 32, NEAR LAXMI DHARAM KANTA, BAIS GODAM, JAIPUR - 302006 TOPIC : TYPES OF FIRE AND INSTRUMENT TO EXTINGUISH IT Category A - Fire held in Ordinary Solid products like Wood, Cloth, Paper, Plastic etc Fire Equipment to extinguish - Fire Bucket full of Sand and Water, Water type fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrant Systems etc Category B - Liquid products like Petrol, Diesel, Alcohol, Spirit, Paint, Kerosene etc Fire Equipment to extinguish - AFFF Type (Mechanical Foam Type) Fire Extinguisher, These types of Extinguishers cut Oxygen supply and extinguish fire immediately Category C - Gas products like LPG, Hydrogen Gas, Methane Gas and all other explosive gases comes in same category Fire Equipment to extinguish - Carbon Di Oxide Type Fire Extinguishers, ABC Multipurpose Type Fire Extinguishers. Category D - Flammable Metal and Chemicals comes in this category Fire Equipment to extinguish - Open all Doors and windows, ABC 90 % MAP useful in this segment Category E - Electrical started Fire Fire Equipment to extinguish fire - CO2 or carbon Di Oxide type Fire Extinguisher perform in a best way in this segment. Its High pressure with chilling Dry Ice effect cut Oxygen from atmosphere and cool down the temperature with immediate effect Try to aware everyone to save from fire
Today We talking about Industrial Gases Why Gases is so important for Commercial Industries around the world. Industrial Gases are the gaseous specially used in Industries like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon Di Oxide, Helium, Argon, Acetylene and many more gases and their mixture available in Gas Cylinders. These Gases mainly and specially used in New or Novel Projects related with Technology to find out or to know about our Life and Living Status. Industrial Gases used in wide range of Industries which is directly connected with human being to provide more facilities to live, few these industries are: Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Power, Mining, Fabrication, Environmental Protection, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Food, Water, Electronics, Fertilizers, Aerospace, Nuclear Power, Fire Safety. Industrial Gases made by large Gas Manufacturers in Pure Gas or in Liquid form than company like us reproduce in Gas form with different qualities and Grades customized as per need. Most of the inert gas we manufacturer is High Pressure Gases and its Stand pressure in High Pressure Seamless Cylinder is 150 BAR. Other Low pressure Gas is also sale in Seamless Cylinder and Three Piece Welded Cylinders. Liquid Gas like Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Helium, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Argon sale in Special designed super insulated Containers of different size and capacity. In Next blog i share with you the history of gases. Thanks LOKESH JASWANI 9928911231 FOR DINESH GASES, JAIPUR
Helium Ultra High Pure Grade Gas: Helium is a unique Gas available in atmosphere, it is used in many Industrial segments like Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Analytical laboratories, Event Organizers and many more Helium is produce in gulf countries and import our country through commercial ships. Helium's first form is Liquid Helium with the Purity of 99.9999 % Pure is used mainly in MRI Machines and NMR Machines. After Bottling it converts in Gaseous Form with different Purity levels as per demand, we are here explain you few different purity and grades: Grade 6.0 N, this level of Grade have purity of 99.9999 % pure Helium Gas normally known as IOLAR Instrumental Grade Gas, Grade 5.8 N, this level of Grade have Purity of 99.9998 % pure Helium Gas normally known as Ultra High Pure Grade Gas, Grade 5.5 N, this level of Grade have purity of 99.9995 % pure Helium Gas normally known as High Pure Helium Gas, And Last one, Grade 5.0 N, this level of Grade have purity of 99.999 % pure Helium Gas normally known as Commercial Grade Helium Gas. Helium Gas is High Pressure Gas which is available in High Pressure Seamless Cylinders, capacity - 7 M3 / Cyl, and with different sizes and capacity. Helium is very light gas of atmosphere used in Party Balloons, Non Flammable Gas easy to operate with High Quality Regulators available in Double Stage with Double Gauge complete in SS Body and Double Stage with Double Gauge in Brass Body, Output Connector customized as per demand of consumers. We are the only dealer in Rajasthan, Jaipur, who procure actual Purity Grade with large quantity with delivery also. .
Hi Sir, We supplying all types of Industrial and Medical, Special Laboratory, Atmospheric Grade gas for our customers who really required best quality of Gases in their R & D and commercial use. All Gases available in Instrumental Grade, High Pure Grade, Industrial Grade, Commercial Grade with all required Seamless Indian and Imported Cylinders of all sizes. Gases we have like: Helium Gas (All Three Grades - Purity Level - 99.999, 99.9995, 99.9999 %) Nitrogen Gas (All Five Grades - Purity Level - 98 % to 99.9999 %) Argon Gas ( All Five Grades - Purity Level - 98 % 99.9999 % ) Hydrogen Gas (All Three Grade - Purity Level - 98 % to 99.999 % ) Zero - Air Gas, D. Acetylene, CO2 Gas, Methane Gas Medical Oxygen, Industrial Oxygen in all grades and sizes, We also distributor of Seamless High Pressure Cylinders of Carbon Steel and Seamless Aluminium Cylinders ' Oxygo Type' for Gas use. In Gas industry, we are only person who work in all ranges of Gases, Cylinders, Regulators Branded in Double Stage and Single Stage available in Brass and SS Body, High Pressure Cylinder Gases complete Pipe Line work for Analytical Instruments, Purification Panels with Controllers, Gas Analyzers, Gas Leak Check Detection System, Fire Fighting Extinguishers and Fire Safety Equipments for Home and For your Factory Premises, We also have engineer for provide Demo, Drilling and classes for awareness of Fire Safety free of Cost, We advise to procure right thing for right place to save money and time. As in Indian Market, Every person wants to make money but we make relationship with our customers so that we understand their requirement and supply them what they actually need for their use. We are specialists in Laboratory Gases and Their accessories (Sales And servicing Both) Fire Fighting Extinguishers and Equipments (Sales and Servicing Both) We made with 16 Years of Experience in same field and now people follow us to make himself sound Thanks and Regards Lokesh Jaswani (99289-11231) For DINESH GASES
DINESH GASES established in August 2001, We specialized in all Industrial and Special and Laboratory Grade Gases, Gas Equipments and Gas Cylinders (Steel & Aluminium) in all over India. Over the years, we have developed to meet the growing needs of Laboratory High Pure Grade Gases and High Pure Calibration Grade Gases, Hydro Carbon Gases for the Industries such as Petroleum, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Power Plant and Food Industries. We are Largest Supplier and Distributor of Helium Gas, DINESH GASES has since been supplying Helium for both industrial and Party Events such as Product Launches, Major Promotion, Children Parties and National Day celebration etc. Our Services: Co2 transfill to marine vessel Installation of Gas Pipe Line Helium gas And Other Gas High Pressure and Low pressure Regulators (Indian and Imported as per Demand) LPG Gas Pipe Line Oxygen and N2O Gas Pipe Line in Hospitals DINESH GASES has extensive range of product: Gas Cylinders, Cryogenic Liquid Gases, Medical Gases, Liquid Cryo cyl and Dura Cylinders, Laboratory Segments all types of Rare Gases and High Pressure Regulators. All these product and Gases are well known Brands, We ensure High Quality Business in all deals and we are best in after sale serices. Kindly contact us for new quiry Thanks Lokesh Jaswani 99289-11231 For DINESH GASES, JAIPUR