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Being a customer focused organisation today we are talking about Helium Gas, It is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, tasteless, non Toxic, Inert gas which is the second Lightest gas after Hydrogen in the atmosphere. Helium Gas is used in different criteria i.e Liquid Helium used in Cryogenic - Particular in the cooling of superconductive magnets with the main commercial application in MRI and NMR Spectrometer. Helium gas other uses - as a pressurizing and purge gas, Main use of Helium gas in India is in Sophisticated Analytical Instruments like GCMS and many more and lifting gas in balloons and airships. Medical Uses - Helium also used in treatment like breathing observation, asthma, and other condition that affect breathing and it is also useful to treat that disease that affect lungs In medical sector: Helium use in different forms and combinations in medical instrumentation and nuclear medicine It is used to development of Titanium, Zirconium, germanium and Silicon It is used in Indian Chemical Industries, Cryogenics, Cutting & Welding Application, Environmental Protection, Food Processing and many more On other interesting side: Inhaling of Helium gas small quantity temporarily change the quality of Human voice It is supply in form of gas and liquid both in different grades: Helium IOLAR Grade, Helium Instrumental Grade, Helium Ultra High Pure Grade, Helium Commercial Grade, Helium Cryogenic Grade with Purity of 99.0 Pure to 99.9999% Please contact if you or your know person require the same DINESH GASES - 9928911231
Helium Gas is used in many Industries and Commercial activities like Aqua Diving, Scientific & Party Ballons, Leak Testing, Automobile Industries, Semiconductor Manufacturing Industries, Cutting and welding purpose, nanotechnology and Special use in Instruments for Analytical Purpose. Liquid Helium is used in MRI Systems and NMR Instruments Your smart phone or tablet and computer have semiconductor chip, a small silica wafer that houses a set of circuits, Helium is used in cooling process, for Plasma Etching, Carrier Gas for Deposition Processes, and for Leak Detector And we DINESH GASES provides Best Grades of Helium in Jaipur in Rajasthan for all purpose.
HYDROGEN GAS AND ITS USES: Hydrogen is the lightest and common gas in the atmosphere with an atomic number 1, It is available in water and one of the most common gas in explosive segment. Use of Hydrogen gas: Primary use is to make water, it is commonly used in commercial industry to manufacturing Ammonia gas NH3, HCL, Hydrogen sulfide and many more type acids. Hydrogen is also used in Hydrogen Welding, Household cleaning products in form of Ammonia. Hydrogen Gas is used by the Army to make Hydrogen bomb, and it is often used as fuel, weather balloons. In an Industrial application: Hydrogen gas used in different grades - Hydrogen IOLAR Instrumental Grade gas used in Gas Chromatography, Hydrogen Commercial Grade used in commercial Balloons and crude oil refinement, In Chemical Industry it is used for metal extraction, Welding torches, to make Hydrogen Peroxide, For steel melting process, and many more Industries like Pharma, Food, Chemical, Fertilizer & Plant, Oils, Fuel Industries. Hydrogen colour code is Red (mark as explosive gas) It is highly harmful and Highly Flammable gas Please contact if you have any quiry regarding Hydrogen and any other related gases Thanks] LOKESH JASWANI 99289-11231 For DINESH GASES, JAIPUR
DINESH GASES were founded in 2001 to serve all types of Gases, Fire Fighting Equipments as per Standard to Indian market. All People attached with this company are having vast experience in this industry We are here to fulfill requirement cautious market through our branded high quality products. We lead this industry with uncompromising of quality of Gases and Fire Safety Equipments and other related product which normally exceeds the expectation of customers. The range of gases we offer include Helium, nitrogen, Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Di Oxide, Hydrogen, Calibration Gas, Liquid Nitrogen, Zero - Air, Methane, Ammonia, D. Acetylene gas and Fire Fighting Extinguishers, Fire Safety Equipments, Fire Stop Products, Safety Items and Many more
We are Nitrogen manufacturer and supplier in Jaipur, Rajasthan make all grades of Nitrogen grades i.e. Nitrogen High Pure Grade Gas, Nitrogen IOLAR Grade Gas, Nitrogen Instrumental Grade Gas, Nitrogen Industrial Grade Gas, Nitrogen Commercial Grade Gas Nitrogen used in different Industrial segments in manufacturing different products, Instrumental Nitrogen gas used in research and development and laboratories in an analytical instruments We provide all Nitrogen Mixtures with different other gases - Hydrogen, Helium, Methane, Co2, Argon, Ammonia, Oxygen and many more gases We also deals in Nitrogen Empty Cylinder, Empty New Cylinder, High Pressure Seamless Cylinders