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While providing medical and industrial gas services, quality is an important critenon to maintain quality profuction of our customers. We are commited to maintain excellence in all our services , ensuring customers satisfaction. For you, we will continue to work with the passion on our mission to contribute significantly in health care of the society by providing efficient, timely and affordable consumer care services. We deals in: All grades Industrial and medical gases, Gas cylinders, regulators and their accessories Thanks
Hello to all our well wishers and customers: Today we are here with few tips of Fire Safety at Home, so that you always be care full and aware - 1st - Eliminate Hazards Store all flammable material in dry and cool places Don't trash accumulate in Basement and Garage Don't rum extension cords behind curtains and Rugs Use fuses, circuit breakers and appliances with under writer laboratories Don't overload circuits 2nd Fire Prevention Keep operational Fire Extinguisher handy and in sufficient quantity Install and Maintain Fire Alarm System with Smoke Detector Install and Maintain Water Hydrant System for multi Stories Building 3rd During a Fire Leave Personal belongings behind Don't go back for any reason If cloths catches fire stop, drop and roll In dense smoke crawl on floor to nearest exit And finally be brave, Use Fire Extinguishers and Other Fire Safety Equipments with is installed there and save your loved one and your home. Type of Fire Extinguishers for Home: ABC Multipurpose type Fire Extinguishers (Portable Type) which is used in all types of Mini Fires started from Short Circuit and other accidents CO2 or Carbon Di Oxide Type fire Extinguishers (Available In Aluminium Body) used specially in Homes because it is best in short circuit fires. Smoke Alarm Sensors or Fire Alarm System do their duty when any one not in home' So Please install mini extinguishers for Home to live safe Thanks
Liquid Nitrogen used in so many industries in India, Specially it is used to make Live Ice Cream We are here provide you Food Grade Liquid Nitrogen with Rental Container as per demand. It is so necessary to be careful when we use Liquid Nitrogen because of its boiling point -196 C. It can cause cold burn when touched direct skin. If the liquid is held in contact with your skin for long enough it will burn called 'cold burn' Thanks Lokesh Jaswani For DINESH GASES
OXYGEN: MATTER OF LIFE Oxygen Gas is one of the basic treatment for health, even many countries it is very difficult to buy Oxygen gas in cylinder to fighting for breath.Oxygen gives life and can saves life especially for newborns, children, pregnant women and senior citizens. We are here avail Medical Oxygen in all capacity and in very cheaper rate in all over Rajasthan Thanks
Hi, Today we are here with some new services for our Personal Safety, we add new range of Fire Fighting Extinguishers like Secure Zone, A Cease Fire Product and We also provide Fire Extinguishers on Rent in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our Best Selling Product is ISI Mark Fire Fighting Extinguishers, Multipurpose ABC Type Fire Extinguishers, Hydrant System and Hydrant Accessories complete range. DINESH GASES is a company who procure rare and best quality Gases and Their Accessories like Regulators Double Stage and Single Stage, High Pressure Cylinders of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Many more Gases and also Specialists in Refilling ABC and all other forms of Fire Extinguishers. We trust in servicing best and all you know who care about family and atmosphere works with us for better future Thanks