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Hi DINESH GASES, Supplier and distributors of Industrial and Medical Grade gases and fire safety equipments, dealing in all common Gases. Gases like Helium Acetylene, Argan, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen, Xenon, nitrogen krypton oxygen and many more we know that a single pure gas is not always what your application needs. That's why our experienced chemists and engineers work hard to prepare and certify our line of speciality gas mixtures. And through our experience we have developed a series of purification techniques to remove critical impurities in our blends to make it as effective and stable as possible. We are committed to providing each and every customer with reliable, safe and efficient gas handling system and equipment s customize as per demand to help you maximize your productivity and research. From Flow device and gas delivery systems to Regulators, Purifier and Filters, we offer a complete line of equipment s to help you meet your most demanding and precise applications. Thanks Lokesh Jaswani For DINESH GASES Jaipur
DINESH GASES (A Name for Fire Equipments Specialists) We are dealer, supplier and Auth Distributor for Branded Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety Products like OMEX MAKE, SAFEX MAKE, SECURE FIRE MAKE and many more other companies as per products and demand In Fire Extinguishers, we are dealing in all types of latest Extinguishers and safety products, we also deals in imported products Co2 Fire Extinguishers essential in working all types of electrical base concepts, since it is the only extinguishers which is recommended by us for electrical fires specially. It is came with High Pressure Seamless Cylinders in Manganese Steel and Aluminum Body Both with Co2 gas @ 60 KGF / Cm2, and they have been tested and approved as per Indian Standard It is used in any fire involving electrical equipment such as computers, machinery, switch gear etc Co2 Fire Extinguishers also used in Class B Fires, which involve flammable liquids such as Petrol, Diesel, Paint, Oil and Fuel, alcohol, Laboratory Reagents like spirit, methanol, ethanol etc. It is easy to operate at the time of accident and gives you more efficient result Thanks Lokesh Jaswani For DINESH GASES 99289-11231
While providing medical and industrial gas services, quality is an important critenon to maintain quality profuction of our customers. We are commited to maintain excellence in all our services , ensuring customers satisfaction. For you, we will continue to work with the passion on our mission to contribute significantly in health care of the society by providing efficient, timely and affordable consumer care services. We deals in: All grades Industrial and medical gases, Gas cylinders, regulators and their accessories Thanks