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Hi all Friends, Our Company DINESH GASES, is well known reputed manufacturing company in all types of Industrial and Medical Grade Gases, specially Special High Pure Grade Gases like Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Krypton, Neon, Zero Air, Ammonia, D. Acetylene, CO2, and many more gases. Our company always welcome those customers who actually need Gases for their use in perfect manner in best prices in India. In India, We are in top 10 Industrial Gas Manufacturer, who supply Industrial and Medical Grade Gases countrywide with low rates. We are also distributor of genuine manufacturer who makes High Pressure Seamless Cylinders like New Carbon Steel Cylinders & New Aluminium Cylinders in all sizes and capacity as per requirement. Thanks Lokesh Jaswani 99289-11231 For DINESH GASES
DINESH GASES, a company privately owned a very high tech organisation that has been establish vast experience in Gas Analysis, Gas Supply for many years, We Offer the complete Gas Solution for commercial uses in our country's Industrial development. We are specializes in creating all types of Gas Mixtures as per customer requirement anywhere in India. Our company offers wide range of Compressed and Liquefied Gases i.e. Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, Argon, Zero-Air, Ammonia, D.Acetylene, Methane, Oxygen and many more in all Special, Instrumental Grade and Industrial Commercial Grade as per customers. Our company concept is to provide product in Best Quality, Lower Rates with committed service Please write if you have any quiry about Fire Extinguishers, Special Industrial Gases and any other related products Thanks
Hi Friends, Our company feel happy to offer free advise regarding Fire product information and demonstration of Fire Equipments or any type of inspection on site. We have qualified and well experienced engineers who also able to install, demonstrate, inspect for Fire Safety Equipments. We maintain stock of exclusive range of Fire Extinguishers, Accessories, and Fire Equipments ( Indian and Imported Both) We can supply, service and maintain in all manner of Fire Safety Products, we assured you to supply only leading high quality brands. We also have complete solution for Refilling Fire Extinguishers with High Pure Grade, We have 50 x 50 Sq ft area workshop with Automatic Refilling Plant, capacity 250 extinguishers refilling per day. WHY CHOOSE US FOR YOUR FIRE SAFETY? 1. We offers complete solution to our customers for Fire Safety and Protection needs 2. We are Specialist in Refilling All types of Fire Extinguishers and distributor of Branded well known company of India 3. Our Engineers able to solve any problem 4. Customize any requirement according to need in low budget 5. Our priority is to provide safety to our customers in any manner 24 x 7 If you cannot see what you are looking for, then please call us on our direct safety emergency number 9829168437 or mail us on KILL FIRE BEFORE IT KILLS YOU Regards Lokesh Jaswani 9928911231 For DINESH GASES, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN (INDIA)
Since August 2001, DINESH GASES has been specialized in consulting, selling, installing and maintaining Fire Protection Equipment to address the various technical and economic concerns for the management of FIRE EXTINGUISHERS for communities and businesses. DINESH GASES technicians represents commercially and technically the company for a quality service in line with the expected safety requirements. In order to complements our services offerings, we have created the on-line Quick Check verification service. The service allows rapid control without obligations of maintenance contract. Equipped with terminal, our security teams regularly monitor the condition of equipment, Therefore, you can ensure that your equipment is in working condition. DINESH GASES has a wide range of products with a focus on Fire Protection Systems. Its flagship product being the Fire Extinguishers, it still markets other tactical products (Alarms, Training, Accessories, Material First Aid and many more) We are the major player in Fire Safety Equipment and Specialists in Maintenance and Refilling. We are anxious to respond to the various technical and economic concerns for the management of your company's Fire Extinguishers. Thanks and Regards LOKESH JASWANI FOR DINESH GASES, JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN) 302006
DINESH GASES were founded in 2001 to serve all types of Gases, Fire Fighting Equipments as per Standard to Indian market. All People attached with this company are having vast experience in this industry We are here to fulfill requirement cautious market through our branded high quality products. We lead this industry with uncompromising of quality of Gases and Fire Safety Equipments and other related product which normally exceeds the expectation of customers. The range of gases we offer include Helium, nitrogen, Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Di Oxide, Hydrogen, Calibration Gas, Liquid Nitrogen, Zero - Air, Methane, Ammonia, D. Acetylene gas and Fire Fighting Extinguishers, Fire Safety Equipments, Fire Stop Products, Safety Items and Many more