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Helium Gas Supplier and Helium Gas Manufacturer We are here in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan supply different purity grades and concentrations to fulfill the specific requirement of diverse industries. We have our own Laboratory equipment to check the purity of the Gas and as well as Impurity level of different impure gases present in Helium. Helium Gas used in huge application in Welding Process as Shielding Gas. Helium is used as carrier Gas in various analytical Instruments and related applications. Use of Helium in Indian Industry: As Shielding Gas in welding process specially in Copper and Aluminum As Leak Detector Gas for pressure vessel which requires highly leak proof Use in Balloons in different parties and other similar segments, known Helium Balloon, Weather Balloons, Breathing by Swimming Divers, Liquid Helium used to create world's super coolest inert temperature up to -269 Celsius called cryogenic, Super conductor. Gas chromatography and Mass spectrography are common Analytical Instruments run on Helium High Pure Grade Gas And many more other application and other ways to use Helium Gas in a particular Industry.
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