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GODS BEST CREATION ON EARTH IS OXYGEN Human and all living beings use Oxygen to breath from the very first day of this ultimate world. Oxygen is a gas produce and redevelop by the help of second best creation called Trees In atmosphere we have different types of Gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Co2, Argon, Heliurm and many more around us but they all are colorless, odorless and tasteless and invisible in nature but they all are having many qualities to improve earth environment cycle time to time. Nitrogen having maximum part in atmosphere - 78 % approx and Nitrogen as a Gas used in many segments and we manufacture or supplies all grades of Nitrogen like Nitrogen IOLAR Grade use in Laboratory for analytical instruments, Ultra High Pure Grade Nitrogen Gas, industrial grade Nitrogen gas and many more grades used in commercial world Oxygen is in second number in percentage - 21 % Approx and it is used as Medical Oxygen in Hospitals and Home for asthmatic and lung disease patients, Oxygen High Pure and IOLAR grade gas also used in Instruments to test, commercial oxygen used in Glass Blowing segments, cutting welding with D Acetylene gas OXY Acetylene Mixture and many more stages. Next blog is for other balance gases coming soon
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